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      About us

      Who we are and Histroy

      Liaoyuan Silver Eagle Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., founded in 1958, formerly known as Liaoyuan tire factory, changed its name to Liaoyuan No. 3 chemical plant in 1978 and entered the chemical field. In 1989, it joined Jilin Chemical Industry Corporation and changed its name to Jihua Liaoyuan pharmaceutical No. 4 factory to manufacture pharmaceutical raw materials. In 1999, it was renamed Liaoyuan Silver Eagle Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. through joint-stock restructuring.

      The company covers an area of more than 50000 square meters and a construction area of more than 10000 square meters. It is a pharmaceutical company based on pharmaceutical raw materials and pharmaceutical intermediates. With the reform and development of the pharmaceutical and health industry, based on the current situation of the domestic pharmaceutical industry, the company has started pilot scale-up and undertaken some CMO projects.

      Since its inception, Liaoyuan Silver Eagle pharmaceutical has been adhering to the concept of quality first pharmaceutical API, so that downstream preparation manufacturers can rest assured and consumers can rest assured. Established for more than 20 years, it has been continuously recognized by customers and officials at domestic and oversea. At present, since the promulgation of China's GMP system, Liaoyuan Silver Eagle has always met the GMP management requirements. At the same time, it has obtained domestic and foreign system certifications such as FDA certification, EU CEP certification, WHO: World Health Organization certification and Japanese manufacturer qualification certificate..

      Company mission

      The long-term goal and development direction of the company is to rely on its own technical and management advantages to provide high-quality and efficient treatment schemes for patients in the world and reduce the pain caused by the disease to mankind through drug means.
      Starting from API, We hope we can become the cornerstone of the pharmaceutical industry forever.

      Company development strategy

      According to the development plan from 2020 to 2025, build and improve the existing production site to reach an API manufacturing enterprise with 13 production lines and 1 R & D line. In addition to the existing varieties, 4 R & D varieties are launched and 10-15 new varieties are undertaken. Achieve an output value of 200 million RMB yuan.
      After 2025, the R & D capacity and preparation production capacity will be gradually improved. Transition to MAH, preparation downstream.
      Be steady, firm foundation, and open up the upstream and downstream.
      Establish a sound talent promotion channel and management promotion mechanism. And establish and improve the school recruitment and intern system to accelerate the internal staff circulation and release the vitality of employees. In addition to completing the established production tasks, do a good job in personnel management, echelon construction, personnel training and improve personnel management system.

      Corporate culture

      Scientific, pragmatic and people-oriented
      The spirit of science is to create products with the spirit of science, do a good job in production and management, and improve efficiency and productivity.
      Pragmatic attitude, that is, to deal with things and problems with a pragmatic attitude, rigorous and efficient.
      People oriented care, people-oriented, care for our employees and friends, and do a good job in service, that is, serving employees and the society.